Adelaide-Joelle Adria Malice Jones-Hamato
Biographical Information
Home Casey Jones's apartment and the Lair
Nickname(s) Addie, Joey
Date of Birth July 4, 1998
Date of Death Still Alive
Hobbies football, karate, ninjutsu, gymnastics, drawing, and hanging out with Leo and Mayson
Abilities can shape shift into cheetah, can see future
Weapon(s) of Choice twin katana
Occupation none, still recovering from Shredder’s torture
Affiliation Leonardo Hamato
Physical Description
Species Human/Shape shifter
Gender Female
Height 5' 1"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color White Blonde
Bandanna Color None
Eye Color Bright piercing blue
Teachers and Students
Teacher(s) Oruku Yani
Student(s) Kunai O'Neil Oruku
Biological Casey Jones (father)

Aden O'Neil (half-brother)

Kunai O'Neil Oruku (Half-sister)

Leonardo Hamato Jr. (Son)

Marital Leonardo Hamato (husband)
Adoptive Mayson Hamato (adopted son)
Relationships Leonardo Hamato (husband)


Adelaide-Joelle is a charechtor thought of by Crossmanc1 and has been in two of her stories, Heart and Soul and Heart and Soul Rewritten and will be in her new stories I Love You More Than Ever, and, "Happy Birthday CrossmanC1". She is Casey Jones and Adria Malice O'Neil's daughter.


Not much is known about her early life, although Crossmanc1 has mentioned she might do a prologue, where Adelaide-Joelle's early life is revealed.

Some of the facts that are known are:

  • Adelaide-Joelle's mother Adria Malice abandoned her when she was two or three.
  • She had a dark blue stuffed rabbit named Blue.
  • She has a twin, although she hasn't met him yet.
  • Her aunt is April.
  • She has had a best friend named Lizzie since they began karate when they were three.

Her later life however, is the biggest part of the story, it starts on her first day of High school after she graduated high school two years before, she sees her mother, (although in this part, Adria Malice uses Hill as her last name, Crossmanc1 has revealed that Adria Malice may have been undercover)