Deborah Darley
1795293 2 m
Biographical Information
Home New York City, New York
Nickname(s) Deb, Mom
Other Name(s) Deborah Emerson
Occupation Interior Designer
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Green
Teachers and Students
Biological Karen Nissenholtz (sister)

Selena Darley (daughter)

Nicholas Darley (son)

Alexandra Darley (daughter)

Marital Adam Darley (husband)

Joseph Nissenholtz (brother-in-law)

Jessica Holland (sister-in-law)

Relationships Adam Darley (husband)

Deborah Darley is a minor character of the story A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.


Like her eldest daughter, Deborah appears to be very bubbly and energetic. She also appears to be intersted in the meanings of people's names shown when she question Avariella about the meaning of her name a few moments after meeting her.


Deborah has dark blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulders and green eyes, traits that both of her daughters inherited from her.