Karen Nissenholtz
Biographical Information
Home Connecticut
Nickname(s) Aunt Karen
Other Name(s) Karen Emerson
Occupation Owner of an ice rink
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Teachers and Students
Biological Deborah Darley (sister)

Unnamed Children

Selena Darley (niece)

Nicholas Darley (nephew)

Alexandra Darley (niece)

Marital Joseph Nissenholtz (husband)

Adam Darley (brother-in-law)

Jessica Holland (sister-in-law)

Jeremy Holland (brother-in-law)

Mathew Holland (nephew)

Isabella Holland (niece)

Nichole Holland (niece)

Relationships Joseph Nissenholtz (husband)

Karen Nissenholtz is a minor character in the story A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. She currently lives in Connecticut where she runs an ice rink.